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Sharpen-this restored the edge on my Spyderco Endura 4 folding knife. I tried for months to sharpen it after destroying the edge in the coarse stone of an electric sharpener.

I dropped my knife off at Williams Sonoma in Fair Oaks Mall the day before the scheduled sharpening event and picked up after work the next day. Alicia brought the blade to an excellent edge in less than an hour for under five dollars.

I highly recommend Sharpen-this for sharpening your knives.

Manassas, VA

I had the pleasure of meeting you at William-Sonoma on Saturday. You sharpened several of my Pampered Chef knives, one of which was badly chipped.

I just wanted to say thank you for encouraging me to reach out to Pampered Chef for a replacement. I did contact them, and they are shipping me a new knife! I never would have known to do that if it weren't for you. So, a BIG thanks from me to you.

I am keeping your card, and the next time I'm in town, I'll find out where you are for some more sharpening!

Thanks again


I sent my knives in this week to be sharpened at the William’s Sonoma in Tysons Galleria. The job you did was outstanding. From inquiring as to right or left-handedness to fixing a bent tip, I am very impressed. You are a true professional.

Thank you very much.

Carlos A.

I thought I could keep my knives sharp until I met you. You've been keeping my blades honed for a few years now. I try for a sharpening every six months.

Your work is meticulous. I would trust no one else.


Thank you very much for sharpening my knives, I'm very happy with your quality of service and work. They cut really well now and I'm happy with them.

Much appreciated, I will recommend your work, and if need be will use your service again. Thanks.

Kevin C.
Ashburn, VA

Thank you so much for fixing my knives today, great customer service. I will be sure to let others know about your business.

Marty sharpened some knives for us at Williams Sonoma on Saturday. We're doing some cooking this evening and they're just splendid! Everything is so much easier with knives back on edge like they are with you. So, thanks for a great job.

John Frye

Sharpen-This! has enabled our sales team to be more knowledgeable at what we do for our cutlery customers. You’ve also afforded us a far greater depth of support which fine quality, forged knives require. Our Galleria store has been benefiting from your services for years now & our customers have come to rely on you — especially at Thanksgiving & Easter time — thank you Alicia!!

Personally, my own knives were in pretty rough shape and far overdue for care & now I can ensure that they’re always at their best — just like new! My family is thrilled & we feel like experts in the kitchen each and every day. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Tyson’s Galleria

Yours is an excellent service, by the way -- and the results are better than other knife sharpening operations.

I have used your service twice before and have been very pleased with the result each time.

Joel Baskin

Thank you very much for making my knives so amazingly sharp - you just don't know how happy I am with them!

John Grace

My wife had you sharpen five or six of our 30 year old Henkels knives when you were at the Tysons Williams Sonoma store earlier this month. I just wanted you to know that I think you did a fabulous job, so I will bring the other knives in when you are scheduled for Tyson's again in February.

Thanks again for the fine quality work

Oakton, VA

My sister's very pleased with the Chicago Cutlery knives you sharpened for me. She's been doing lots of cooking here, and she's commented on the knives every time she picked one up.

Guess the moral of the story is that I shouldn't wait another 20 years to call you.

Thanks again for your fine service.

Evelyn Jutte

Alicia, Thank you for your service. I'm lucky to have such a sharp connection in my network of people

Bristow, Virginia 

I just wanted to tell you what an improvement in performance my knives are. They seem even sharper than when they were new. There is nothing better than a sharp knife in food prep. I sliced garlic paper thin for pork tenderloin with white wine garlic sauce. Thanks again and I will be calling again when they need resharpening.

Paul Harris
Herndon, VA

All I have to say is where have you been all of my life? Thank you for such an awesome job on my knives. I will make sure all of my friends know about your service.

Manassas Park, VA

I love the scissors Alicia sold me -they are fantastic!  They fit my hand perfectly and are very light weight so it doesn’t hurt my hand to do a lot of scissoring.  And with the butterfly finger holes, it is very comfortable with my tendonitis issues (which, by the way, the butterfly was all the rage at the grooming conference – she is ahead of the curve in that regard).

Alicia’s service is so convenient.  She came to my mobile grooming salon to sharpen my scissors which has helped me tremendously as I used to take them 50 miles away to get sharpened.  She picks up clipper blades where I am grooming and within a few days brings them back to me. 

This is such a terrific service especially for a mobile groomer who has little time to be mailing blades and scissors out to get sharpened. 

Thanks for bringing this great service to our area, Alicia!

Dawn O’Day Foster
Pampered Pets Curbside Grooming

My knives were so dull: I couldn't even cut a tomato without crushing it. Cutting meat at dinner was a joke. Then Alicia came to my house to sharpen my knives.

To be honest, I was skeptical. I wasn't sure they would actually be sharper than they were before. After the knives were sharpened, I thought I would test them to see how sharp they really were. I held up a piece of paper and the knife actually cut the paper hanging in the air! The tomato? Smooth as silk, and no mess. It cuts through dinner meats like melted butter. Incredible!

I would suggest her services to anyone who wants sharper knives and less frustrating preparation times.

Christa Bryant

The scissors and knives you did were totally Kick Ass!  I’ve been really glad to have sharp knives again.

Classy Canines

I just wanted to tell you Thank you again. You took good care of me even though it was a thousand blades.  But everything works wonderful and you are a very nice person.

Thank you and I see you next time

Annett Ricketts
Tackett’s Mill Veterinary hospital

You did a great sharpening job here – all knives are sharp as a tack.

Bob Polley
Springfield, VA