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Williams-Sonoma events are 11-3 PM once a month
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Have your knives of all shapes and sizes professionally sharpened by a factory trained technician. Fully trained and certified by Sharp Edges. Trained by a master N.S.S.G. certified shear sharpener, we use the Hamaguri Advanced Sharpening System to remove a minimal amount of steel. We also sharpen scissors such as household, poultry and fabric shears. We can also sharpen smaller gardening tools

All knives are hand sharpened with the Hamaguri knife sharpening system.  Your knives will be returned to a factory edge.

Our van is our totally self contained workshop.  Unfortunately, this also means that we do not have a walk in shop to drop off your knives, scissors, or tools. Please see our events page for sharpening sites.

Service calls at your home have a minimum charge of $100.  Please see our service area page for locations and details.  Our monthly sharpening events are a great alternative should you have less than our order minimum since there is no minimum charge at these events.  We also welcome neighbors and friends combining their orders to help ensure they meet our visit minimum.

Culinary students and professional chefs will receive a 20% discount. Please bring proof of employment or schooling.

We do not have a commercial restarant service.

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